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Boldly and safely execute combat operations at sea or over land in support of Operational Commanders.

Demonstrating mission command through deft interpretation of Commander's Intent is an essential component to leading men and women into harm's way. Everything we do supports our ability to decisively influence events thousands of miles from shore. To accomplish our mission we must:

1) Maintain combat ready aircraft through "by the book" maintenance.

2) Remain proficient in promptly locating and tracking threat submarines and delivering torpedoes.

3) Conduct reconnaissance and deliver timely intelligence products that add value to Operational Commanders.

4) Provide targeting and deliver weapons to neutralize hostile surface forces.

5) Efficiently communicate, coordinate and operate with joint and combined forces.

6) Be prepared to provide reactive administrative and logistic support that maximizes the tactical agility of the command.



The Skinny Dragons Are The Global Standard For Maritime Patrol Through Leading The Finest Sailors in the World.

To achieve this vision, all personnel must:

1) Commit themselves to tirelessly pursue new standards of excellence in both character and competence.

2) Remain prepared and execute effort on station that reflects pride and professionalism. Never settle for good enough.

3) Honor the legacy of Skinny Dragons before you. Teach, Mentor and Grow Sailors who will take your place in future generations.



    Family - Treat everyone with the dignity and respect that engenders trust. Families implicitly trust one another, then achieve greatness as a team.

    Leadership - We will train and learn so that we have the confidence to lead when called on.

    Integrity - Carry the baton well. Run a good race. Never shirk from your responsibilities or look away from problems. Take care of your Sailors.

    Character matters in all things, all the time. Demonstrate integrity through always doing what is right. Hold yourself accountable.


Skipper Lewis